A specialty, Black-owned coffee brand connects coffee, culture, and history throughout its products.

Ezra Coffee contains six blends, and its packaging highlights the stories of African-Americans who have made huge contributions in American history.

Founder Jessica Taylor wanted to create a product for her health compromised sister who is also lactose intolerant.  Each blend highlights a specific moment or person in Black history.

“We wanted to highlight some of our unsung heroes, some of the people we don’t always hear about in history class,” Taylor explained.  “So our 64th and Tulsa blend highlights the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but it also allows us to remember what took place in Tulsa in the Greenwood District in Oklahoma.”

Taylor says in Hebrew, Ezra means, “He who helps.”  She says her business has two core values, to be of service and to educate.

“Back in the day when I use to see my granddaddy and he was drinking coffee he was always reading his newspaper, he was always learning something and so I really wanted this to be when people get up and they walk away from this coffee they say, you know what? I didn’t know that, or I learned something today,” Taylor explained.  “So really informing, inspiring and uplifting and telling the stories.  Also allowing people to see the beauty in all things diversity and inclusion.”

If you’d like to support Taylor, you can purchase the coffee by clicking here.  All first-time customers receive 15 percent off using the code, First 15.