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Unlocking the Future: Construction Tech Visionaries Share Insights in Exclusive eBook

Industry leaders at StructShare's 2024 ConTech Preview webinar

Industry leaders at StructShare's 2024 ConTech Preview webinar

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Unlock the future with insights from construction tech leaders in StructShare's new eBook. Embrace innovation and shape the industry's trajectory!

The intersection of people, culture, and innovative tools will be the driving force shaping the construction industry's future in 2024.”
— Nate Tockerman
AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITES STATES, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In a recent webinar by StructShare, construction tech leaders Nate Tockerman, Director of Business Development with StructShare, Eric Tucker, Senior Product Lead, Specialty Contractors with Procore and Jeff Sample, Industry Evangelist with Join shared a wealth of valuable insights. Beyond reflecting on the past convention season, their discourse offered a preview into the transformative journey awaiting the industry in 2024.

The webinar, conducted on November 7, served as the backdrop for StructShare's latest eBook. This exclusive publication captures the essence of the discussions led by these experts, providing a deep dive into the intricate landscape of construction technology.

Rather than a mere recap of the convention season, Jeff Sample introduced a compelling theme, labeling the year as "The year of understanding your client." Insights gleaned from events like the Lean Construction Institute and the Construction Innovation Summit, served as the foundation for this client-centric approach.

Eric Tucker framed the narrative as "The year of people," emphasizing the industry's heightened focus on labor relations and mental health. His commentary extended to groundbreaking initiatives such as the "Get Construction Talking" campaign and the association of Union Contractors' commitment to health amidst evolving financing landscapes. Tucker emphasized, "In the midst of technological advancements, we mustn't forget the human element."

Venturing into the trends of the year, the hosts addressed challenges in adoption, outdated metrics, budgeting hurdles, and the dynamic landscape of venture capital funding. Jeff Sample underscored a notable shift towards operational excellence and changing dynamics in software go-to-market strategies.

The conversation explored builders' engagement with software, vulnerabilities exposed by COVID-19 in the supply chain, and the anticipation of a booming $1.3 trillion infrastructure landscape in 2024, fueled by the Infrastructure Bill and the CHIPS Act.

As the webinar drew to a close, the hosts unanimously agreed on a continued focus for 2024—people, culture, and tools enhancing productivity. With macro trends, economic impacts, and potential challenges on the horizon, the construction industry remains poised for growth. Nate Tockerman encapsulated the sentiment, stating, "The intersection of people, culture, and innovative tools will be the driving force shaping the construction industry's future in 2024."

Going beyond a simple retrospective, StructShare's webinar has led to the development of an exclusive eBook. This comprehensive eBook not only recaptures the highlights of the discussion, but opens the door to a future where construction technology continues to redefine industry norms. Dive into the future; download the eBook now and stay ahead.

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