Canada's Forest Trust Corporation and EcoSchools Canada Launch a New National Green Fundraising Contest

TORONTO, Nov. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Embarking on a mission to empower Canada’s youth to take action against climate change, EcoSchools Canada and Canada's Forest Trust Corporation (CFT) are thrilled to announce the launch of The Smart Forest Fundraising Contest. Set to run from November 20, 2023, to January 30, 2024, this nationwide initiative invites schools and students across Canada to engage in a unique green fundraising contest at their schools. Eligible participants could win various exciting prizes, including environmental education bursaries, premium luggage, and more! More than just a competition, this contest provides a platform for schools and students to make a tangible impact on the environment – from planting, preserving and protecting forests to enhancing wildlife habitats and improving air and soil quality – actively shaping a greener, more sustainable Canada.

Organizers are aware that this contest comes forward at a critical time. Recent research demonstrates that about three-quarters of all Canadian youth are anxious about climate change. Providing opportunities to meaningfully contribute to climate action is a key strategy in addressing youth mental health and climate leadership.

Through the Smart Forest Fundraising Contest, EcoSchools Canada and CFT are committed to mobilizing millions of youth across Canada. Trees sold through this first-of-its-kind fundraising platform will be planted in Canada and CFT guarantees they will be preserved and protected forever.

“This contest is more than a competition; it's intended to start a movement,” said EcoSchools Canada Co-Executive Director Ryan Dyment. “By championing eco-friendly projects in schools and communities and enabling students to take a front-line role in environmental action, this contest is poised to foster hope and active engagement among our future climate leaders.”

“The potential for multiple streams of impact is great,” says Gary Zed, Founder and CEO of Canada’s Forest Trust. “Students who pivot to forest-based fundraising and engage in this contest will play a vital role in planting trees, improving their environmental literacy and developing leadership skills.” It’s also more than planting a tree and walking away. Gary emphasizes that “CFT preserves and protects every tree planted to ensure we create long-term impact while supporting Canada’s carbon and nature-based commitments.”

School administrators and students interested in making a difference and competing for fantastic prizes are encouraged to sign up and start their fundraising journey today.

To participate, register and begin fundraising campaigns at the official contest website:

The following prizes are up for grabs:

About Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation
Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT) is a leading social enterprise that offers a nature-based solution to capture carbon by building Smart Forests™. With proprietary tools and in collaboration with Forest Stewards (businesses, schools, organizations, communities, and individuals), CFT is on a path to procure, prepare, plant, preserve and protect millions of acres of forests around the world forever. Our Forever Forest Guarantee ensures that every forest created by CFT undergoes expert management, reporting and monitoring, and silviculture maintenance. Smart Forests sequester CO2, rehabilitate ecosystems, engage Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, and boost the green economy. Smart Forests are smart investments.

About EcoSchools Canada
Since 2005, EcoSchools Canada’s award-winning certification framework has provided independent reporting and recognition for schools and outdoor and environmental education centres. Reaching about 1 million students annually, we are the largest bilingual, voluntary environmental certification program for K-12 schools in Canada.

For more information about the Smart Forest Fundraising Contest or Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation, please contact:
Taylor Piotrowski, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation

For more information about EcoSchools Canada, please contact,
Jose Marulanda

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