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Carolina Clear

A floating wetland is basically a container garden that floats on the surface of a pond. With attractive flowering plants, a floating wetland improves the appearance of a stormwater pond, and also cleans up water quality.

“The matrix itself is just a foam with pre cut holes that is the size of the flower pots. So that is pieced together in whatever shape that is desired. Nothing really fancy about it, it was zip tied together.” – Terasa Lott, Clemson Extension

Once the plants are added, the garden is floated out and anchored in place.

“We still have the Pickeral Weed and Hibiscus, so we are going to mimic a little bit what we have on the shoreline. There are also a few varieties of Iris, I believe Japanese Iris and Louisiana Iris. There is some thalia in the middle. – Terasa Lott, Clemson Extension

The floating wetland cleans the water by removing pollutants that would otherwise fuel algae blooms. It also attracts beneficial wildlife, which leads to healthy landscape and healthy ponds.

“That can provide some habitat for fish underneath. Also a place for beneficial microbes to do their work against potential pathogens, and as in the wetland carpet shorescaping planting we can also attract that wildlife that we desire to see like butterflies, and maybe even some amphibians or reptiles might get excited about a floating wetland. Songbirds, the things people like and enjoy about nature. – Terasa Lott, Clemson Extension

This floating wetland will be left alone all summer long, but will need to be trimmed back in the late fall or winter, making sure the trimmings do not end up in the water.

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