Carolina Clear – Installing a wetland carpet

Carolina Clear

Last month we introduced you to a new stormwater pond in Murrells Inlet that suffers from common stormwater pond issues.

There are a few ways to make this a healthy, attractive pond.

The biggest issue in this new pond in Summerall Oaks is shoreline erosion, and the main cause of this is turf grass planted right up to the water’s edge.

Terasa Lott, a Water Resources Agent with Clemson Extension says ”The turf does not have very deep roots, so it does not do much to hold soil in place. It also is not particularly happy if the roots are wet. So the plants that we have chosen today, there are six different species, and they are happy, if you will, in these conditions where the soil may be saturated for periods of time.”

To fix the erosion, a wetland carpet was installed. Over 150 plants were rolled out along the shore, and staked down to take root.

The wetland carpet is plants that have been grown out and established in a fiber matrix. That allows them to be installed already mature with a nice established root system. It really decreases the time needed for installation.

When the fiber matrix is staked down, it becomes instant protection against erosion, plus it keeps weeds from growing. As the plants grow, they will soak up excess nutrients, improving water quality.

This will help by giving a good positive outlet for the nutrients, instead of causing unwanted growth in weeds and algae.

In addition to improving the water quality of the pond, these plants are all attractive, flowering plants that will attract birds and butterflies. We will check back into Summerall Oaks ina couple months to see how everything is growing.

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