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Carolina Clear

When land is developed in our part of the Carolinas, space must be set aside for stormwater ponds. They control storm runoff, and help prevent flooding. These ponds can be maintained in a way that can make them last longer and look better.

As neighborhoods are built, the amount of land where rain can soak into the ground is reduced, which leads to more runoff.  Stormwater ponds are built as storage for that runoff.

Our new project pond is in Sumerall Oaks in Murrells Inlet, a neighborhood that was designed with stormwater ponds to help control rain runoff.

This pond has many of the problems that are common with stormwater ponds. Including erosion… both upstream erosion along the upper banks and right along the water’s edge. There is also some bank instability.

Erosion can be expensive to fix if not caught right away.

Terasa Lott, a Water Resources Agent, for Clemson Extension says “aside from the fact that that is someone’s property washing away, the stormwater pond will eventually need to be dredged.”

The main cause of the erosion is turf grass planted right up to the edge of the pond. Turf grass does not have the root structure to hold the soil in place. to cut down on erosion, more suitable plants will be placed along the water’s edge.

If we can fix the issues in this pond it will improve water quality, extend the lifespan of the pond and will make the area look more attractive.

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