Carolina Clear – The Farm, one year later

Carolina Clear

Storm water drainage ponds are common in our part of the Carolinas.

These ponds are important for flood control and water quality protection. To function properly and to look nice, these ponds need regular maintenance.

Last summer we followed the progress of a storm water pond in Carolina Forest. This was a pond that was suffering from some common problems.

Terasa Lott, a water resources agent at Clemson Extension says “shoreline erosion and bank instability are two very common problems, and we noticed that here at this pond in The Farm. Nutrient issues are also a problem as well.”

To fix these problems, plants were installed floating in the pond and along the shoreline to slow down storm water and soak up excess nutrients.

The plants can then take up the nutrients instead of having them flow into the pond where they can lead to excess algae growth.

By the end of the summer, the plants had established themselves, and this year, the pond is more attractive and healthy, and attracts beneficial wildlife.

Although looking nice is not the primary function of a storm water pond, the people who live along the pond appreciate some aesthetic value.

Now that the problems with this pond have been fixed, it will need continued maintenance to keep it healthy.

Next month WBTW and Carolina Clear will find a new pond in the area to demonstrate easy and low cost ways to keep the pond healthy and attractive.

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