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MARION, SC (WBTW) – Everyone who knows Cynthia Ford, of Mullins, describes her as simply fabulous; a teacher, mentor, role model, and true inspiration.

Ford is Marion County’s Department of Juvenile Justice Manager. It’s at work, home, and in the community where she devotes her time to young people. “I think that is very important to be able to impact them because they are the game-changers. They’re the next generation and I think they need to know, ” said Ford.

Ford says her desire to help young people is why she founded Beyond Empowerment. It’s a program designed to prepare teens for life after high school. “I wanted them to be able to know what they’re facing once they walked across that stage and graduated,” said Ford.

The curriculum includes setting personal and educational goals, managing money, and being aware of influencers. Ford said, “It reminded them to be mindful of how easy they can be influenced at home or at school and be mindful of what they’re allowing to pour into their lives.”

“I’m grateful for her because she is always made me look at myself and be, ‘What can I do to make myself better? What can I do to go harder? How can I help everybody else around me?” said Alexia Vereen, a Beyond Empowerment participant.

Family is also important to Ford. “One of the things my grandmother said is that she wanted to leave a legacy of love,” said Ford.

Ford has no children of her own, so her 23 nieces and nephews are a priority. “Just to be able to celebrate life with them. I just enjoy that, ” said Ford.

Her brother calls her a shining star. “She goes out of her way to help everyone in the family. She is phenomenal, extraordinary,” said Chris Ford.

Chris Ford and other family members recall her extreme devotion to her mother when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Ford worked two jobs while caring for her mother during her sickness. She’s also done the same for other family members.

Ford also volunteers for various ministries at her church, serves part-time in the Air Force, organizes community events, and published a book, “Free As An Uncaged Bird.” She gives God all the credit and waits for him to show her what’s next for her life. ” The future is wherever he leads me, that’s where I’m gonna go because He hasn’t failed me yet.”

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