Local couple starts community effort to show their support for front line workers every weekend


MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WBTW) – A local couple shows their support for front line workers every weekend.

Thousands of front line workers enter the sixth month in the fight against COVID-19. Since March, Jim DeFeo, and his wife, Gerry DeFeo, have partnered with local restaurants to feed the entire Tidelands Community Waccamaw Hospital front line.

“They’re pretty much at war in here against COVID-19,” Jim DeFeo, organizer of weekly meal donations to Tidelands Health medical staff, said.

Their everyday willingness isn’t going unnoticed. Tidelands Health hospital workers got a special delivery this weekend.

“I started it in March, right when this thing started to get noticed that it was going to be a bad thing,” DeFeo said.

Jim DeFeo and his wife show their support weekly by delivering a cart full of meals to the doctors, nurses, and security guards at the Tidelands Community Waccamaw Hospital.

The couple started the effort in March, and since, has teamed up with local restaurants like Toffino’s Bakery in Market Common, Pizza Hut at Prince Creek, and Bojangles to feed the front line.

“All three of them give us a significant discount to help make this work. Without that, it would be kind of difficult, so we appreciate their help,” DeFeo said.

The DeFeo’s alternate between three restaurants. On the fourth weekend, their appreciation is homemade.

“On the fourth night, my wife likes to make something herself last week it was a chicken bog,” DeFeo said.

Thanks to a community effort, the deliveries have become routine. After working long hours in difficult conditions, the meals go a long way.

“I’ve gotten little thank you cards, and when they come out to pick up the food, you can tell the are just very appreciative of what we are doing,” DeFeo said.

In a community filled with first responders, front line, and health care workers, Jim DeFeo encourages others to show their support.

“Feeding them once a week is our way of saying we appreciate what they do,” DeFeo said.


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