Myrtle Beach golf cart, moped businesses take a hit Memorial Day weekend


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Golf cart and moped services sit on nearly every other corner in Myrtle Beach. Dozens of these local businesses will take a hit in sales this Memorial Day weekend as the city enforces restrictions on the vehicles.

Golf carts are banned from Ocean Boulevard south of 29th Avenue North starting Friday through Monday. Mopeds are only allowed during the day and will be prohibited starting at 8 p.m. each night through Monday. 

Golf cart and moped businesses expect a drop in sales after Myrtle Beach City Council declared the Memorial Day weekend an extraordinary event and implemented restrictions Thursday. 

Some local businesses rely on holiday weekends. Even though golf cart restrictions have been in place on Memorial Day weekend the past few years, the financial hit is substantial. 

From north to south on Ocean Boulevard it’s usually a quick ride. 

“From our hotel to here was a fifty five minute walk,” John Bristol, a visitor said. 

The city banned the four-wheeled vehicles on Ocean Boulevard and will only allow the two-wheeled ones during the day. 

“This is nothing new… contrary to popular belief, for the last four or five years,” Ben Robinson, owner of an Ocean Blvd golf cart rental business said. 

Robinson has owned his golf cart business for a decade now. As COVID-19 restrictions ease for some businesses, he will still take a hit this weekend. 

“We will see a $100,000 loss,” Robinson said. 

Vacationers say this will affect them too. A group of friends from Pennsylvania found out today their 24-hour moped rental will only allow them 12 hour use. Refunds don’t apply in this situation. 

“This is everything, honestly, food, drinks, back and forth to the beach or from the beach to our hotel. These are mandatory,” Bristol said. 

Bristol said he knew things weren’t going to be as busy as normal, but he and friends were looking forward to the freedom cruising up and down the Boulevard getting the full Myrtle Beach experience. 

The golf cart ban led some shops to stop rentals this weekend. Some are still open, allowing moped riders to cruise until 8 p.m. 

“We will be on them first thing in the morning so as soon as the day breaks we will be right back out on these things,” Bristol said. 

Golf cart restrictions and mopeds on Ocean Blvd are in place now through Monday.

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