Grand Strand doctors encourage mammograms and regular self-examinations

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The color pink will be worn by thousands during the month of October to honor the resilient women who have fought and are currently fighting breast cancer. 

Dr. Patrick Francke, a Radiation Oncologist at the Carolina Regional Cancer Center says it’s important for women to know their family history. 

“Certain women are at more risk for breast cancer, if they have a primary family history, mother or sister, also if they carry a gene mutation,” said Francke.

Monthly self-examination in the shower and mirror can help detect red flags, and getting annual exams starting at 25.

“If there’s asymmetry, or one breast appears different, or if there’s dimpling of the skin or the skin appears thicker,” said Francke

Sam Causey, a survivor herself now works at the Carolina Cancer Center, says she’s thankful for getting the mammogram that detected she had aggressive breast cancer. 

“If it wasn’t for the grace of God and modern technology, I probably wouldn’t be here today,” said Causey.

Now she instills awareness in her daughter. “She’s in her late 20’s s and she started having them early because of the type of cancer I had,’  Causey said.

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