CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — 7-year-old Jennifer Vereen was killed in front of her home on Highway 905 near Rhodes Rd. in Conway while waiting for her school bus. Now, the case has reopened 31 years later in hopes of finding who did it.

It took place Feb. 7, 1990 at approximately 7 a.m. on a rainy Wednesday morning.

“My mom was trying to put me in the car and as she was doing that, the accident happened,” said Lacey Davis, Jennifer’s sister.

Lacey was two years old at the time, so she doesn’t remember much about the incident, but said it happened right in front of their home.

Detective Joshua Johnson with Horry County Police said that Jennifer was standing at the corner of Rhodes Road at the stop sign. He said she ran across the street to her home and that’s when she was struck by a car.

Johnson says several people have come forward throughout the years with different vehicle descriptions but all the similarities he says are that it was a dark-colored sedan of some kind.

“The vehicle back then was described as a dark-in-color vehicle that was driving south towards the city of Conway,” Johnson said.

“And then the person ran once it happened — they didn’t stop — so that made it worse than the actual accident itself which was tragic anyways, but with them running it amplified the situation,” Davis said.

The only witness at the time was a middle school-aged boy who was also waiting for the bus. Johnson said the boy just remembers the car taking off.

Johnson says the case is now reopened because of a Facebook post that circled the internet. He said with more people talking about it, it could bring forth some answers.

“Put information back out there in hopes that someone will call and maybe regenerate the topic and pass along some decent information to help,” Johnson said.

Johnson said, “Our biggest resource is going to be the community, in hopes that someone in that small community just outside of Conway on Highway 905, maybe they didn’t speak up for whatever reason back then but today for this situation to help this family, they will call in.”

Davis said Jennifer was wearing a bow in her hair that day and is remembered as being full of energy.

“She was full of life and also described as not having a shy bone in her body,” Davis said.

Davis said she and Jennifer’s mother died never knowing what happened so she says they now want closure.

“Not ever knowing who hit her, yeah know it would’ve just changed everything if they would’ve stopped that day.”

The family has a Facebook page dedicated to helping find answers called, ‘Justice for Jennifer Vereen‘.

“It was a devastating blow to the community, not only the family. But anything that happens to a child in a community like this, where we are very close and a lot of people know each other very well, you just want some help and closure,” Johnson said.

Detective Johnson asks anyone with information to, contact the Criminal Investigations Division at at or call 843-915-TIPS (8477).