Judge revokes bond for woman accused of murder with ex-Horry County deputy coroner

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Bond was revoked Thursday for Meagan Jackson, the woman accused of murder with former Horry County Deputy Coroner Chris Dontell.

Jackson’s bond can be revisited if she’s not tried within 180 days.

The hearing lasted nearly two hours and testimony was heard from law enforcement that investigated her whereabouts and cellphone use. News13’s Matt Fortin was the only TV reporter in the courtroom when the judge revoked Jackson’s bond.

The state filed the motion to revoke bond after Jackson allegedly violated her bond by being pinged on a GPS tracker at locations she wasn’t permitted to be in based on conditions of her bond. She also allegedly had contact with Dontell physically and over phone, which was another condition of her bond, according to court documents obtained by News13.

“We identified many times during that six month period where they had been communicating with each other via cell phone and physically in the same location based on those records of those devices,” Horry County Police Department Detective Kenneth Marcus said.

The prosecutor said people sent in tips that Jackson was violating her bond conditions. They also said she’s on her tenth ankle monitor.

The judge called the evidence by the state was circumstantial, but extremely strong. He said it was overwhelming that Jackson violated the order of the court.

Jackson didn’t speak in court but her attorney, Bill Grammar, said the testimony was speculation and criticized them for not being specific enough. He also asked the judge to place a time limit if the bond were to be revoked.

Jackson was taken into custody June 3 for violating home detention, according to the solicitor’s office. Senior Assistant Solicitor Mary-Ellen Walter filed the motion to revoke her bond. Jackson’s attorney also filed a motion to modify her bond.

“This defendant in the six and a half months that she had been on home detention is on her tenth monitor,” Walter said. “Just by way of comparison, the representative with Tar Heel Monitoring has been doing this for 12 years. He says he has never in his life or in that 12 years has seen someone go through 10 monitors in that period of time.”

The motion also said Jackson has had a child since being released from jail on bond in November.

Jackson and Dontell are accused of murdering Gregory Vincent Rice, who was reported missing Oct. 5 and was last believed to have been heard from on Oct. 2. At the time, Rice was considered missing, not endangered.

News13 also reported Wednesday that the victim’s family filed a lawsuit against Jackson and Dontell.

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