HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The Horry County Coroner organized Friday what will likely be his final memorial service for “Baby Boy Horry.”

Horry County Coroner Robert Edge said there is some closure after an arrest was made in his death. “Baby Grace,” who was found dead in the Socastee Creek in 2016, was also remembered Friday.

“Their lives were cut short, but we can learn a lesson from them that we can make the difference in the day-to-day lives that we live,” Pastor Wayne Brown of the First Baptist Church said.

A memorial was held Friday to honor the lives of both “Baby Boy Horry” and “Baby Grace,” two infant children who were thrown away and left to die.

“I’d like to thank everybody who’s come out I think the last 10 or 11 years and participated and kept his thoughts in their minds,” Edge said.

For more than a decade, the case of “Baby Boy Horry” shook the county. His family remained a mystery until authorities said they found his biological mother last year. Jennifer Sahr of Pensacola, Florida was charged with homicide by child abuse.

“Every mother grieves the loss of a child and I’m sure that every day that she did grieve the loss of this child,” said Joanne Bennett, who attended the memorial. “She did it in silence. Now the world knows who she is and the father as well. We pray for them.”

Flowers were placed at the small grave sites and the group prayed for healing. With the mystery solved, Edge said the family has some closure.

“To celebrate that we have found his parents and he will not go on any further without his family knowing where he’s at,” Edge said. “Where they can come see him and visit him.”