Murder investigation of a Murrells Inlet man continues

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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – The investigation continues as police work to piece together the murder of Hubert Clodfelter.

The Horry County Solicitor’s Office charged Irene Clodfelter for tampering with a body and accessory after murder.

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said Irene could possibly face more charges in the future, but his office is working to prove the charges already against her.

Both Horry and Georgetown counties have charged Irene, but police are keeping details of the case close to their vests.

Richardson said the case may have crossed state lines.

“It’s not only an investigation between Horry and Georgetown, but it may also involve looking into other states,” said Richardson.

Court documents show that Irene admitted to wrapping her husband’s body up in garbage bags and tape, however, she blames her dead son for Hurbert’s murder.

“If, and that’s a big if, but if her son were to of been responsible and if he has passed way, they’re not going to charge someone that’s dead with a crime. so that’s sort of where they’re at with it  now, but there’s a lot more investigation that has to take place,” said Richardson.

Georgetown County have also charged Irene with lying to police while under oath.

Irene has not been charged with murder. Richardson said all charges against any defendant must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

“I would have a hunch or suggestion that it would go one way or the other, but when we go into court we’ve got to do more than have a hunch,” said Richardson.

“We need to be able to prove to people that we don’t know… that the person that we say did it, did it. and that it’s not beyond any doubt, but it’s beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The murder investigation continues. You can count on News 13 to have the latest as details become available.

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