North Myrtle Beach woman convicted of killing 2 newborns turns herself in

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — A woman convicted Thursday of killing two newborns and throwing their bodies in the trash has turned herself in, according to the 15th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

Alyssa Dayvault, of North Myrtle Beach, was found guilty of two counts of homicide by child abuse.

Dayvault turned herself to North Myrtle Beach Police before she was turned over to the Horry County Sheriff’s Office, according to Pat Dowling, a spokesman for the North Myrtle Beach Police.

Dayvault did not show up for all four days of her trial. When sentenced, she could face at least 40 years in prison. 

A warrant was issued for Dayvault on Monday in court protocol to continue the trial in her absence. She was supposed to appear in court Monday, where she could have denied her appearance for trial.

Since she didn’t appear in court, a judge sealed her sentence and issued a bench warrant for her arrest. 

Dayvault was admitted to Grand Strand Regional Hospital on Dec. 5, 2018 “for complaints of heavy vaginal bleeding.”

Hospital staff initially thought that Dayvault was experiencing an early incomplete pregnancy, Jessica Brown, an OB/GYN, told the court Wednesday. An ultrasound showed an enlarged uterus with a mass, which didn’t look like a usual miscarriage.

Dayvault was admitted to the hospital for blood transfusions before surgery, where a full term placenta and cord were found.

Dayvault initially denied her pregnancy to hospital staff, according to warrants. A urine sample taken at a hospital at the time tested positive for THC.

She reportedly said that she was scared and didn’t know what to do, and that no one knew she was pregnant, according to information presented in court.

When interviewed at her home, Dayvault denied being pregnant and giving birth, and then admitted to being pregnant twice, Erin Beasley, who works for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, told the court.

Dayvault later admitted she birthed a newborn male child at her home in North Myrtle Beach, according to warrants. She said the child “was born alive and took multiple gasping breaths after having been born.”

After interviewing Dayvault a second time, investigators say, they went to her home where they found the remains of a child in the trash can on the side of the residence.

Dayvault told Erin Beasley, who works for SLED as an agent on its child fatality unit, that her labor was quick. Dayvault said that she was alone, according to Beasley, and she couldn’t move for about 15 to 20 minutes. She passed out, and said the baby was blue when she woke up.

A second doctor testified on Wednesday who allegedly treated Dayvault before she gave birth after she went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms.

Doctor Jorge Carreras, who since retired, worked for Grand Strand Medical Center, he says he could tell Dayvault had an enlarged uterus so during the physical exam, he listened to the heart beat of the fetus.

Dr. Carreras testified, the heartbeat was regular and the defendant’s flu-like symptoms would not have had any impact on the viability of the unborn child’s life.

An autopsy performed on the baby born in 2018 found that the baby was born alive, Nick Batailse, a forensic psychologist, testified to the court on Thursday. A report given to him showed the baby was placed in the trash, his umbilical cord was torn and that Dayvault didn’t seek medical care until days after the birth.

The autopsy ruled out any genetic diseases. The baby’s organs were found to be in good condition. No cause of death was found, Batailse said, and it was difficult to tell if the baby was born alive or dead. 

He said there was no physical evidence that the baby died from suffocation. 

Dayvault was also accused of disposing of a female newborn’s body sometime between Nov. 4 to Nov. 23, 2017, in the area of 1100 David Street in the City of North Myrtle Beach, according to warrants.

Chris Matechen, the childrens’ biological father thanked the court Thursday. He said that he has lived with no closure for the last two years. He said that Dayvault had been a free woman for eight months without being monitored, and that he wants her found soon.

John Matechen, the childrens’ grandfather, also thanked the court and said he was happy with the trial’s outcome.


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