Rap video by Sidney Moorer’s attorney mentions threat of civil lawsuit

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CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Sidney Moorer’s attorney released a rap video mentioning Moorer’s continued, but never filed, threat of a civil lawsuit after his conviction for the kidnapping of Heather Elvis.

Moorer was convicted more than a year ago and sentenced to 30 years for kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. His wife, Tammy Moorer, was found guilty in 2018 for the same charges and also sentenced to 30 years.

Heather went missing in the early morning hours of Dec. 18, 2013, from Peachtree Boat Landing. Her body has never been found. Moorer had one year to come forward with any information about Elvis’ whereabouts in order to have his sentence reduced but the deadline passed.

Investigators used phone records to piece the timeline together just hours before she disappeared. Surveillance video showed Sidney Moorer bought a pregnancy test then went down the street to call Heather from a payphone. Records show Heather called that number back multiple times, then started calling Sidney’s cell phone. They had a conversation for four minutes.

“As soon as the conversation was over, she immediately went to Peachtree Landing and we caught on camera the Moorer truck going to Peachtree Landing,” said Solicitor Jimmy Richardson. Phone records show Heather called Sidney once she got to Peachtree Landing and no one ever heard from her again. Just days after Heather’s disappearance, surveillance video shows the Moorer’s extensively cleaning their truck and burning rags.

Sidney Moorer’s attorney, Eric Poston of Poston, LLC, said in February that he planned on filing a civil lawsuit. The profanity-laced video’s description on YouTube says the lawsuit will be $100 million.

Poston said he plans to sue law enforcement agencies and specific officials, Facebook and those involved in a coordinated harassment of the Moorers on various Facebook pages. “We have figured out what happened to Heather, and are working hard to close the few remaining gaps in the story. That is the main reason it is taking months to get this lawsuit together,” Poston said in a statement last year

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