MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)- It’s been one year since Sidney Moorer was convicted of kidnapping Heather Elvis.

A state statute allows Sidney Moorer a year to come forward with substantial evidence to cut a deal for less time behind bars. He was sentenced a year ago Friday.

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said he believes a judge could even accept something as late as Monday, but as of this report Richardson has not heard anything from Sidney Moorer.

Right after Sidney’s conviction, Heather Elvis’ family plead to the judge for information about where their daughter is. “At this point, you can give him a day if he’ll just tell us where she’s at,” said Terri Elvis, Heather’s father.

While the evidence in the case is circumstantial, Richardson believes it painted a picture beyond a reasonable doubt pointing to the Moorers.

“We haven’t heard anything from Sidney or Tammy. To hold out any hope that some information would come out today or even Monday. I dont believe it will,” said 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson.

Moorer was sentenced to 30 years for kidnapping and obstruction of justice. His wife Tammy was sentenced to thirty years for kidnapping Heather. Investigators believe Heather was in a relationship with Sidney. Leading to motive for her disappearance. Heather went missing in the early morning hours of December 18th, 2013 from Peachtree boat landing. Her body has never been found.

“The phone records was very important,” said Richardson.

Investigators used phone records to piece the timeline together just hours before Heather disappeared. Surveillance video showed Sidney Moorer bought a pregnancy test then went down the street to call Heather from a payphone. Records show Heather called that number back multiple times, then started calling Sidney’s cell phone. They had a conversation for four minutes.

“As soon as the conversation was over, she immediately went to Peachtree Landing and we caught on camera the Moorer truck going to Peachtree Landing,” said Richardson.

Phone records show Heather called Sidney once she got to Peachtree Landing and no one ever heard from her again. Just days after Heather’s disappearance, surveillance video shows the Moorer’s extensively cleaning their truck and burning rags.

“All of that is those circumstantial pieces pointing to the only person who could have done it,” said Richardson.

While reflecting on Sidney’s conviction a year ago, Solicitor Richarson said finding Heather is the only thing he would accept.

“It was always my goal to give the Elvis’ their daughter back to have a place for her to be buried. A year later, we have fallen short of that goal. I think that with everything we were given we have done everything possible to give that poor substitute which is justice. Both of them are sitting injail and they are sitting in there for decades on a non-parolable offense,” said Richardson.

The Moorers must serve 85 percent of their sentence. Sidney’s obstruction of justice charge appeal was denied in July. Both the Moorers’ kidnapping charge is in the appellate process.

As for Heather’s case, her family and Richardson hope someone in the community comes forward with information. If you know anything contact Horry County Police.