MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – News13’s coverage area will average more than one shooting a day for 2021, according to a crime analysis.

The analysis – which covers Darlington, Dillon, Horry, Florence, Marion and Marlboro counties in South Carolina, along with Scotland and Robeson counties in North Carolina – reveals at least 372 shootings this year, as of noon Wednesday. There are 365 days in 2021. 

The number of shootings has topped the number of days for most of 2021. The most shootings in a month was 43 in June, followed by 42 in September. The month with the least amount of shootings was in July, at 23. 

The area hit 100 shootings in April, 200 by the end of June and had surpassed 300 in October. 

The area saw a cooldown of gun violence in the late summer, before spiking in the fall. Nov. 6 was the busiest day this year, with at least six shootings. 

A shooting is counted if police have found evidence that one existed. While not all the shootings that are counted lead to an injury or death, a substantial amount also include property damage.

The longest stretch of gun violence has been eight straight days, from May 16 to May 23. There have not been more than five days in a row without a shooting. 

The majority of shootings have been clustered in traditionally quiet communities in the Pee Dee.

At least 135 people have been killed due to gun violence this year. That number includes accidental shootings. A suicide is only counted if it is part of a murder-suicide event.

The youngest victim was a 4-year-old who was killed in an accidental shooting. The oldest was 80, who is suspected of killing his 77-year-old wife in a murder-suicide. At least two people have been shot and killed by law enforcement this year.

March has been the most deadly month, with 16 deaths. The area hit 100 shootings in April, 200 by the end of June and had surpassed 300 in October. 

News13 is tracking shootings across the viewing area for 2021. Deadly shootings are marked in red. Some shootings are so close in proximity that they appear as one mark. Zoom in for the most-detailed look.