Chesterfield County councilman arrested, charged with assault on daughter

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Douglas Arthur Curtis (photo: Chesterfield County Detention Center)

CHESTERFIELD, SC (WBTW) – A Chesterfield County councilman has been arrested and charged with assault against his daughter.

Douglas Arthur Curis, 58, of Chesterfield, was arrested for simple assault around 9:20 p.m. on July 6, according to an incident report from the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office.

On July 6 around 7:20 p.m., the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office received a call from an officer with the Chesterfield Police Department, who stated he had received a phone call from the victim about an assault, according to the report.

The victim, Curtis’ 29-year-old daughter, stated to law enforcement she had a phone call between her and her mother, where her mother asked if she was taking the kids to a firework show, the report said. The victim also stated that her mother had her on speaker phone, and Curtis heard the conversation, which reportedly led to an argument, in which the victim said led her to saying some “ugly stuff” before hanging up.

Shortly after, the victim received a message from her mother saying a gift came in for the victim’s child, the report also said. The victim’s mother was reportedly unable to bring the gift to the victim because she was cooking. The victim took the kids and decided to stay outside away from Curtis because of the previous argument she had with Curtis.

The victim said Curtis tried to get her to come inside several times, but she wouldn’t because of their previous argument, added the report. The victim and Curtis got into an argument over taking the children to a fireworks show, and Curtis allegedly grabbed the victim by her neck.

According to police, the victim said was able to push Curtis off of her, and that he “drew his fist back like he was going to hit her, but did not,” and that Curtis said “you better be glad you still have your teeth.”

The victim also said her child was inside the door of the house and saw this, according to the report. Police said they noticed “markings consistent with a physical altercation about the victim’s neck line near the collar bone area.”

CCSO deputies and CPD officers went to Curtis’ home and spoke with him, the report also said. The suspect “gave basically the same story, but denied any physical altercation with the victim.” The suspect’s wife told police the victim was using vulgar language around the children, and reportedly stated to police the victim did more harm to the kids than Curtis did to the victim. Curtis then told police again he didn’t touch the victim.

Chesterfield County Administrator Tim Eubanks told News13 Curtis’ status on the council remains the same.

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