Family of Mac’s Lounge shooting victim fearful after accused killer released on bond

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HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) — It’s been an emotional few days for the family of Bryan Robinson.

Robinson was one of three people killed in a shooting in January 2020 at a bar in Hartsville called Mac’s Lounge. Police charged four people in connection with the shooting, including Davijon McCall, who was released on bond Sunday.

“The fearful part for me is that we live in a community where this type of violence has become desensitized, it’s normalized,” Bryan Robinson’s first cousin Wanda Govan said. “And people can commit these types of crimes and then find themselves out on bond enjoying life, when the people that are dealing with the grief are still dealing with the grief.”

Govan said everytime her family is called back into court, they relive the trauma of losing Bryan.

“The opportunity for them to be bonded is their right,” she said “But it also was a painful place for the people that are left grieving for the loved ones that have been lost.”

The shootings began just before 2 a.m. Jan. 26 2020, during a fight on the dance floor at Mac’s Lounge in Hartsville, according to reports. Warrants say one of several suspects “fired numerous rounds into a crowded bar at a subject, to which he shot several other patrons inside the bar.”

Responding officers initially saw three victims: one victim was found in the patio area, another victim was found next to a pool table, and another was found just inside a doorway. There were at least two more wounded inside the door to the left, police said. Other people showed up later at area hospitals with injuries. 

Govan said her cousin was an innocent bystander.

In addition to the deaths of Dicaprio Collins, Bryan Robinson and Coker University student Garrett Bakhsh, several others were hurt during the shooting.

McCall faces two murder charges, among other charges, for the deaths of Collins and Robinson. He was released on a $100,000 bond. He was originally arrested in Durham, North Carolina, following the incident.

“No matter how mad you are, we have to stop using bullets as a solution to a problem,” Bryan’s brother, Bryan Robinson Jr. said. “We gotta stop it. I don’t need for anyone else to through this.”

Robinson’s family is now working on a non-profit in Bryan’s name that aims to help stop violence around Hartsville and also fund scholarships for students who wish to study a trade.

“His number one quote was, ‘You good bro?’,” Robinson remembered

“Check on people,” Govan said. “Because that was the kind of life Bryan lived.”

The family said there is a time for everything and they are focused on moving forward.

“I would much rather have a release date on this side where you have restrictions than to get a release on the other side of the trial,” Govan said. “On the other side of the trial, what my hope is is that justice will be served.”

Court officials told News13 a trial date for McCall has not yet been set yet. Count on News13 for updates.

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