MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — An interactive map of gun violence created by News13 shows more than 100 shootings this year within the coverage area, a grim milestone that was reached over the weekend when a slew of shootings in Darlington County killed at least two people and injured another.

There have been at least 103 incidences of shots fired among Darlington, Dillon, Horry, Florence, Marion and Marlboro counties in South Carolina, along with Robeson and Scotland counties in North Carolina, as of Tuesday morning, which was also the 103rd day of the year.

At the current rate, the area will have around 365 shootings by the end of 2021. 

Of those shootings, 36 have been fatal, and 65 were non-fatal. Shootings have killed at least 41 people and injured another 65 this year among the six-county area.

The highest number of shootings happened in March, when there were 14 fatal shootings, and 19 non-fatal ones. The most violent day this year was March 25, with four fatal and one non-fatal shooting.

There have been at least four days this year where there were at least three shootings a day.

The Pee Dee area, especially, has seen a rush of gun violence. The Darlington area has had at least 10 shootings, with two of those fatal. Six of those were within 1.5 square miles. Four were within 19.8 acres of each other.

Darlington had one murder in 2019. Darlington Police Chief Keith Washington told News13 last month that he doesn’t have a theory why shootings are on the rise, and said the city has increased patrols within the city in response to the incidents. 

The Hartsville area has seen at least 12 shootings. Florence has had at least nine shootings, with five within a half a square mile from each other.

Among the shooting victims this year have been 18-year-old Lydia Thompson and 24-year-old Malik Askins, who were killed on April 6 after someone shot into a vehicle on Highway 76 near Alligator Road in Florence.

A few weeks earlier, 43-year-old Jermaine Stewart was killed and another person was injured during a March 25 shooting at the Waterpark Motel in Myrtle Beach. The investigation led police to two additional motels, where authorities said they found illegal drugs. They’ve since charged nine people in connection to the case.

That same day, 47-year-old Julie Eberly was shot and killed during a road rage incident on Interstate 95 in Robeson County while on her way to a vacation in Hilton Head to celebrate her wedding anniversary. Security footage later led police to 29-year-old Dejywan Floyd, who has been charged with first-degree murder.

The map below displays shootings that have happened in Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Horry, Marion and Marlboro counties this year. It also includes shootings in Scotland and Robeson counties in North Carolina. 

Shootings are listed even if no one was injured in the incident. Fatal shootings are marked in red. Non-fatal shootings are marked in blue. 

Click on a marker for more details about a shooting. For some shootings, a specific address was not provided by police, and the marker will show a city center or an approximate area as the location of the incident.

Some markers are extremely close together and have to be zoomed in on in order to be distinguished from each other. 

The map is updated daily with the most recent information.