MARION COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — A preliminary hearing was held Monday afternoon for Lorenzo Cardenas, the Marion County man charged with involuntary manslaughter after a deadly dog mauling that took the life of 7-year-old Shamar Sharif Jackson in June.

Chief Magistrate K. Donald Fling said he will issue a ruling at a later time as to whether Cardenas’ case will go in front of a grand jury.

Det. Dwayne Rogers, an investigator with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, took the stand.

Rogers said he was there the night of the attack and the day after, when deputies took Cardenas’ dogs into custody. He testified about seeing videos shot from inside Cardenas’ house that showed Jackson and his brothers “antagonizing” the dogs on two occasions earlier that month. He said that one of the children can be seen climbing the fence into the yard in a video.

He said Cardenas told investigators that a dog found with blood on it wasn’t his, but a stray he would feed. Defense attorney Brad Richardson questioned Rogers about swabs taken from the dog.

“My client would not have had any idea that y’all had taken those swabs, correct?” Brad Richardson asked.

“No,” Rogers said.

“Didn’t witness that, didn’t have any reason to deny ownership of that dog prior?” Richardson asked.

“That’s right,” Rogers said.

Twelfth Circuit Assistant Solicitor David Richardson, said in his closing remarks that with all the evidence in mind, he would have a difficult time proving criminal negligence in court.

“It’s part of my job to determine whether sufficient evidence exists and that’s the purpose for this hearing,” David Richardson said. “Judge, I appreciate you hearing this and listening to me but I wish this whole thing had been different, I wish it had never happened. But that is where we are on the case.”

Cardenas has been held at the Marion County Detention Center since June 28.

Jackson’s parents told News13 they were disappointed by the statements made by the state during the proceedings. They said they were not aware of their sons’ interactions with the dogs and wish they had been told. They also said they had seen the dog in question inside Cardenas’ fence on multiple occasions.