Mother: Teen injured by rock thrown through windshield in Pee Dee needs surgery, wants justice

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DARLINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The mother of a teen who was hit by a boulder that was thrown from an overpass in Darlington County told News13 her son needs surgery and wants justice.

“Something like this is something that you kind of hear about and it’ll never happen to you. And it happened,” said Melissa Schwartz, the boy’s mother.

Two young juveniles were throwing rocks and fruit off the East McIver Road overpass Thursday in Darlington County, according to an incident report. 

One car’s windshield was hit by a rock, a second vehicle had damage to its roof and the third went through Schwartz’s car and hit her son in the face, according to deputies.

Schwartz said the family was traveling to a wedding when the incident happened.

“I honestly didn’t know what happened,” Schwartz said. “I didn’t realize something had happened until we felt the wind coming through the windshield. And that’s when I realized it was broken and my husband’s in the back screaming, and my son is bleeding next to me.”

Schwartz said her son wants to know who did it and wants anyone involved to be caught.

“He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt,” Schwartz said. “He’s in a lot of pain and he has a long road to recovery. But he wants the person caught so no other child, person, anybody, goes through this.”

Schwartz told News13 her son had possible brain bleed, multiple facial fractures, and is having surgery Wednesday for his broken bones.

She said that the brain bleed was minor and has resolved. He is regaining vision in his eye that was swollen shut after the incident Thursday.

Austin is a sophomore in high school who his mom describes as ‘ambitious.’ He plans to be a firefighter and join the military when he’s older.

He should be able to go home Thursday after Wednesday’s operation.

“He’s doing really good,” Schwartz said. “His spirits are up. He still asks if they found the person. But he’s got good spirits. He’s been through a lot. And he’s taking it really well.”

There are no suspects in the case as of Tuesday afternoon. Count on News13 for updates.


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