Police: Lake City man arrested arrest, punched officer in the face

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LAKE CITY, S.C. (WBTW) — A 32-year-old Lake City man was arrested on April 19 after he punched a police officer in the face, according to authorities. 

Latravis Brockington has been charged with unlawful use of telephone, resisting arrest and assaulting, beating or wounding police while resisting arrest. He has been released on bond.

He had been in jail four days earlier and was released after being charged with unlawful use of telephone and third-degree assault and battery.

On April 18, an officer was on Deep River Street in Lake City when they saw a man riding a motor scooter, according to an incident report. The vehicle was stopped by police in the 200 block of Wilmont Street.

Brockington became verbally aggressive after the officer asked for his name and date of birth, according to the report. Several bystanders told him to listen to the officer’s commands.

He was asked not to go inside a home, and then turned the corner of a house, raising his hands “in an abrupt manor,” according to the report. He didn’t obey orders to stop and raise his hands, and continued to go toward officers.

He struggled when an officer grabbed him, got on the ground, and then rolled over and punched an officer in the face, according to a report. He then grabbed a taser, was asked to drop it and was then tased in the shin. He also attempted to kick out the back window of a police vehicle after he was taken into custody.

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