MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Need an excuse to celebrate? June is full of them.

The month might be known for being Pride Month, along with celebrating Juneteenth, Pentecost and Father’s Day, but there are all sorts of other commemorations that might fall through the cracks — even if they’re not “official.”

Love food? How about celebrating National Olive Day, National Hazelnut Cake Day, World Milk Day, National Steakhouse Month, National Soul Food Month, National Candy Month, National Iced Tea Month, National Rotisserie Chicken Day, National Cheese Day or National Pralines Day?

Or, on a more serious note, take the time to recognize World Infertility Awareness Month, Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, Black Lives Matter Month or National PTSD Awareness Month.

Here are 10 wacky “national holidays” in June, according to National Today:

June 1 – National Go Barefoot Day

Give your feet some freedom! The day has two purposes — giving us an excuse to be barefoot and promoting Soles4Souls’ efforts to provide underprivileged children with shoes.

June 1 – Dare Day

We triple dog dare you to celebrate! Take this day to do something you’ve always been a little too scared to try, like going skydiving, swimming with sharks or maybe wearing that bright orange sweater.

June 1 – Oscar the Grouch Day

Did you know that Oscar’s birthday is on June 1? But, as National Today puts it, “Oscar does not know what it means to have a happy birthday and believes that the best thing about birthdays is that you don’t have to celebrate again for a whole year once they are gone.” So you might want to keep that confetti to yourself.

June 2 – National Moonshine Day

Listen, is it really moonshine if you don’t buy it out of some rusty truck in a WalMart parking lot?

June 2 – National Bubba Day

Some people are “buds.” Some are “bubbas.” You don’t choose the nickname, the nickname chooses you.

June 4 – National Old Maids Day

This historical term used to refer to women who were unmarried by the time they reached the old age of…25. And if you’re really old and unmarried (26), you can proudly wear the title of “thornback.”

June 9 – National Sex Day

June is all about the, uh, love. In addition to National Sex Day, the month is also home to Love Conquers All Day (June 3), National Loving Day (June 12) and National Kissing Day (June 22).

June 13 – National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Lucky 13? Have you ever dropped a cake onto the ground, accidentally used a tablespoon of cinnamon instead of a teaspoon or broken every glass in your house? Can’t be trusted to microwave water? We’re here for you.

June 20 – National Take Your Cat to Work Day

How about instead of dragging Fluffy inside, you curl up and take a nap in the sun? Or just give her some extra treats. It’s OK. We’re indoor cats, too.

June 24 – National Take Your Dog to Work Day

Not to be outdone, dogs get their own “holiday” a few days after cats. The day is celebrated annually on the Friday after Father’s Day.