MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Hate crowds? You might want to avoid the beach during the hottest days of summer.

Not surprisingly, the busiest month for the Myrtle Beach International Airport in 2021 was July, according to data from the airport, with more than 274,000 people arriving. 

So far this year, January has been the least busy month, with 24,175 deplanements. 

Air traffic increased by more than three times from the winter months to the summer.

Those statistics continue to rise as the airport has smashed records, seeing the number of tourists surpass 2019’s data. 

The busiest airline is Spirit Airlines, which has the most flights out of Myrtle Beach and accounts for 45% of all traffic. American Airlines is in second, at 29%, followed by Delta Airlines at 13% and Allegiant Air at 10%. 

In total, more than 1.3 million people flew into the airport in 2019. As of October, more than 1.4 million have arrived.

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Data from 2019 was used to create this list to avoid the pandemic’s impact on vacations.

Here are how many people arrived on planes in Myrtle Beach per month in 2019, in chronological order:

January – 42,487 deplanements

February – 53,137 deplanements

March – 88,319 deplanements

April – 107,488 deplanements

May – 153,174 deplanements

June – 170,059 deplanements

July – 185,485 deplanements

August – 170,777 deplanements

September – 99,355 deplanements

October – 112,241 deplanements

November – 72,283 deplanements

December – 52,363 deplanements