New survey uncovers hidden facts about dating apps


(WNCT) – Dating apps have become a popular tool many are using to find love; however, there are some hidden facts about them a new report set out to uncover.

The website High Speed Internet recently published a report breaking down the most popular apps and how people are using them.

Creators of the report interviewed 400 Americans.

46 percent of them said they use multiple dating apps at the same time and another 40 percent admit they pay for the service.

55 percent said they’ve had a serious relationship from a dating app, while three out of four reported they’ve had a bad experience with someone they met through the service.

9OYS took some of these findings to Uptown Greenville to hear what folks there had to say. 

“Sketchy is a perfect word,” said Mike McFadden. “I definitely have been hit up more times by like the ‘bots’ where it’s some type of scam, whether it’s an algorithm or it’s someone with a fake account trying to get their information.” 

“I think that they can be fun and I think there are some aspects that can definitely be a confidence booster,” said Saydee Bocanegra. “But I also think that to take them seriously is not something you should be doing.” 

One out of three Americans also admitted used a dating app during a date. Another 27 percent reported using a dating app or website while in a relationship.

Creators of this report also want to remind users to be careful. They suggest if you feel as if you are being harrassed, screenshot the messages, block the user, and report them to the service.

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