VIDEO: YouTuber designs gun that shoots masks onto faces of those who refuse to wear them


Courtesy: Allen Pan

AUSTIN (KXAN) — YouTube creator Allen Pan says he’s tired of what he refers to as “maskholes,” which are people who don’t or refuse to wear masks.

“It feels like people just aren’t wearing masks and they should be,” says Pan in a video uploaded over the weekend. “I’m only talking about in America, by the way. It’s kind of a uniquely American problem. So what are we going to do about it? What am I going to do about it?”

In the video, Pan says he’s working against the current climate that does not operate based on facts about the COVID-19 pandemic, but rather emotions and opinions.

“One thing the coronavirus protesters actually care about is the Second Amendment,” Pan says. “That’s right — guns… so an American problem demands an American solution…I’m going to put the Second Amendment together with health care.”

Pan explains how he made the mask launcher using items found at a hardware store, like valves and a spray painting gun — which he then took to Huntington Beach in California, which he says is “one of the most anti-mask cities in southern California.”

During preliminary dummy tests, the YouTube creator says the experiment worked on the first try — followed by testing on himself.

At Huntington Beach, Pan and a friend asked beachgoers to volunteer to shoot the gun.


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