CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — It’s time for another segment of ‘First Responder Friday.’ This week, we introduce you to Mike Prosser, who recently retired from the Conway Police Department.

“Mike Prosser is a tremendous ambassador. He knows everyone, which is so helpful when we’re in a small town like Conway,” Conway Police Chief Dale Long said. 

‘He’s everything that’s good about Conway’ is just one of the many ways people describe the Conway native.

“I grew up in Conway,” Prosser said. “Conway’s my home and I don’t know of a better way to end my career than being at Conway.”

End his career twice, that is. Prosser first worked for the Department of Natural Resources for 29 years where he held several positions including field officer and investigator. Prosser even worked for the governor’s team.

“When I came off of the governor’s team, I came back to the field and that’s where I worked out the rest of my time,” he said.

“You would always be out hunting and things, and everybody would always kind of threaten you like, ‘Mr. Mike’s gonna get you if you do something wrong,'” Chief Long said.

After his first retirement with the SCDNR, Prosser said he started to get bored. That’s where his 10-year career with the Conway Police Department starts.

He started as a school resource officer before transferring to a community service worker. Then without warning, the station’s animal control officer quit and he was asked to step in.

“I said, ‘chief, I’ll take it for a month,’ that’s turned into eight years,” Prosser said.

Prosser also served as a school crossing guard for eight years. Something he said he’ll especially miss.

“I’ve gotten accustomed to the different people that I recognize every morning, and they’ll wave to me, I’ll wave back to them,” he said. “I’ve just grown so close to my students.”

And when it comes to staying busy this time around, Prosser already has a few projects lined up.

“Well, the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to take some time and I’m gonna clean out my wife’s garage,” he said. “Then the next two months I’m gonna work on cleaning out my shop so I can go in and have me a man cave.”