The cold weather we have had the past few days have pushed gardens into winter mode. Many places saw nighttime temperatures below freezing. That will kill any unprotected summertime veggies, and many gardeners will spend the weekend clearing the cold damaged plants out of the garden.

The WBTW garden is at our studio in Myrtle Beach, and we did not freeze last night. Even the tomato plants are untouched by frost, so our summer veggies will keep growing for a bit longer. The green beans are just about done and have slowed down in producing beans. There are still flowers, but since growth is very slow in the cool weather, I will probably clear these out of the garden soon. The cucumbers are still growing nicely and producing cukes every few days. These will be good producers until the first freeze. Peppers are also doing well, and I will keep them in the garden las long as possible.

Our winter veggies are doing well. Mustard greens are tall and can withstand frost and freezes. The garden peas that we planted at the end of August are fully grown and ready to harvest. Pease are cold hardy, and the plants will survive into the winter, however the flowers cannot tolerate frost, and once it gets cold, they will stop producing. Keep the peas growing, but once the current batch of peas have all been picked, you can take the vines down for the winter.

Finally, our carrots are growing nicely. Remember to thin them out once they get a few inches tall. Carrots need 2-3 inches between each plant. If they are too close together the root will not get big… and that is the part of the plant that we care most about.