9 in 10 car seats are installed improperly in SC, Midway Fire Rescue works to lower stat

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PAWLYS ISLAND, SC (WBTW) – South Carolina Department of Health and Economic control reports one in ten car seats are improperly installed in the state.

DHEC says car seats that are properly installed they can lower the risk of death by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers.

If a driver is unsure if their car seat is installed properly, there are 140 “fitting stations” across the state.

Midway Fire Rescue is proud to be part of the 140.

On Thursday firefighters trained for car seat installation certification through DHEC’s training program, with assistance from the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Once certified, the firefighters will be able to teach others.

“It’s so important to spread this education around and just make sure that we get everybody on the same page, because it’s the safety of these kids. That’s paramount,” said Corporal Sonny Collins of SCHP.

Collins says troopers often find car seats poorly installed during traffic stops.

He says they can usually fix the problem while on scene. Other times are more tragic.

“Troopers, unfortunately, we respond to fatal crashes almost daily around the state. But I can tell you when you go to a fatal crash and there is a child involved it’s totally different,” said Collins.

DHEC compares the ever changing technology of car seats to computers or phones.

The department says you shouldn’t rely on old information or standards.

“I think a lot of people they get information on how to keep their child safe from their own parents. But if you’re relying on your own parents to tell you how to keep your child safe in the car, you’re probably relying on outdated information,” said DHEC Health Educator, Kevin Poore.

All three agencies are asking drivers to consider getting their car seats checked.

A free car seat check point will be held Friday afternoon at Midway Fire Rescue located at 67 Saint Paul’s Place from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

An appointment can also be made by calling the fire station at 843-545-3620.

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