MURRELLS INLET S.C. (WBTW) — After a rainy day, Fourth of July celebrations ended with a bang in Murrels Inlet.

Thousands of people gathered on the MarshWalk to watch the fireworks, an event that officials said took several months to plan.

“We were in the boat parade, and then we had like a big family thing and we had a bunch of food,” Columbia resident Mary Brightwell said.

Even a stormy afternoon couldn’t spoil the fun.

“It was raining, which we were supposed to go home, but then we persuaded them to stay another day because of the rain,” Columbia resident Maddie Davidson said.

It’s turned out to be a fantastic night.

“But obviously the rain didn’t mess up too much, because we’re all still out here celebrating the 4th,” Columbia resident Ella Burnside.

Thousands from near and far came to celebrate the Fourth at the MarshWalk.

“We went out on the boat, got a little rained out, first time in a long time. We’ve been here our entire lives, and this is our super bowl,” Murrells Inlet resident Bradley Parker said.

An event like this takes several months to plan. according to MarshWalk officials.

“We have planned this event today for over six months,” said Christina Burzle with Brickyard Marketing. “With all the licensing and coordination of local, state officials, local fire, police, everyone, that really is involved will help us pull off today.”

Some local residents said the July Fourth celebrations on the MarshWalk are a part of their family tradition.

“We also participate in the boat parade, and we always get together and do a big lunch and dinner, and then we watch the fireworks together,” Mary Stanley Burroughs said.

The fireworks show lasted 22 minutes.