GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston announced the death of a Georgetown County priest.

Reverend Michel Bineen Mukad died by suicide Tuesday at the age of 38, the diocese said. Mukad was a priest for more than three years. Mukad was a Parish Administrator at St. Mary Our Lady of Ransom in Georgetown.

The diocese said the exact circumstances are unknown, but Mukad struggled due to the pandemic.

Read the statement in part from the diocese:

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

It has been a difficult few days. The news of Rev. Michel Bineen Mukad’s death on Dec. 8 was heartbreaking. For more than three years, Father Mukad was a deeply devoted priest that was beloved by his parishioners, and his brother priests. He shared a commitment to the faith that was clear and unwavering. I greatly appreciated his commitment to serving our diocese with an open heart and willing hand.

It is with great sorry that I must notify you that police have informed us Father Mukad [died by suicide] at the young age of 38. While we do not know the exact circumstances surrounding this tragic event, we do know that he struggled greatly due to the pandemic.

Like many of us, the isolation and anxiety of the modern world can be an unbearable challenge. For some people these feelings and the isolation they bring can become overwhelming.

I ask that each of you take time to call or message others in your immediate circle, and reach out to those who may have no family, or who are unable to be with family, especially during this holy month. We must take care of one another and also our own mental health. If you are struggling to cope, please reach out to a friend, a loved one, your pastor — someone to listen to you. You are not alone. There are many resources to help you through, and the Lord God cherishes you.

Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.