MURRELLS INLET S.C (WBTW) — Tidelands Health is expanding its neurosciences hub at Waccamaw Medical Park West in Murrells Inlet.

The hospital is adding providers who offer a new level of care and treatment for a variety of brain conditions so residents can get treatment locally without having to travel out of the area.

Carol Korowlonty, who lives in Conway, found out last year she had a brain tumor. She said if Tidelands Health didn’t have her treatment location in Murrells Inlet, she would’ve had to travel two hours away to Charleston to get it.

Korowlonty’s doctor, Tidelands Health Neurosurgeon Dr. Oluwaseun Omofoye, removed a tumor on the left side of her brain that was causing headache, dizziness and trouble with balance.

“I was lucky that he was here,” Korowlonty said. “He’s very professional. He’s very talented. He’s very knowledgeable about what he does. He’s got a human touch. I’m very glad I had him.”

Omofoye was recently added to the neurosciences hub. He is a part of the brain surgery program, with a focus on brain tumors.

“Over the last year, since I’ve been here we’ve been able to do almost a hundred cranial procedures, most of which are patients with brain tumors that typically would have had to descend hours away from here to get that kind of specialized treatment,” Omofoye said.

Korowlonty said not having to travel far for treatment made her experience less stressful.

“It would be a tough time, you’re already nervous about having something done,” Korowlonty said. “Then you have to go that far, and Dr. Omofoye was professional with us, and I was very relaxed and had confidence in him and I thought he was going to do the best job, and he did.”