100+ community members show up to meeting about Highway 90 growth

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — At least 100 community members showed up Thursday night to a meeting about Highway 90 to express their concerns about growth in the area.

Several Horry County councilmembers and state representatives were at the meeting to answer questions. From flooding to improper lighting to public safety concerns, residents shared different frustrations, but agreed that the growth along Highway 90 has gotten to be too much, too fast.

One resident said more emergency services are needed in the area. One resident shared an experience he had when his home was robbed last year.

“The response time for the police department was 40 minutes. 40 minutes,” he said. “I’m thinking, what if I got shot? What if my wife had been kidnaped?”

Councilman Johnny Vaught said a lot of the money from the recently-passed impact fees will go toward public safety.

Councilman Danny Hardee said council is looking to put an Horry County Fire Rescue Station somewhere in the area of Highway 90 and Highway 22, but said a specific location won’t be announced for a couple of weeks.

The main concern shared by many — flooding. A resident said he has spent more than $17,000 to keep the flooding out of his home along Highway 90.

“We’ve heard the vote that council just put forth, expecting us to pay more money for flood control,” one resident said. “How much more as homeowners do we have to pay? How much more do we have to pay to stop the flooding on Highway 90?”

Representative Tim McGinnis said “we send too much money to Columbia and get too little back. That’s going to change.”

Other residents expressed frustration over the traffic and the speed limit on Highway 90, saying it’s getting too congested.

“The reason I came to Conway is because it’s not Myrtle Beach,” one resident said. They said it’s now becoming like a city.

When asked how many of the people in attendance would attend a second meeting in September as a follow up to this one, almost everyone in the room raised their hand.

News13’s Maria DeBone is at the meeting and will have updates tonight on News13 at 11.

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