MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Building permits issued by the city of Myrtle Beach in 2021 increased in total value by more than $125 million compared with 2020.

The city issued 8,482 building permits in 2021 for a total construction value of $492 million, topping 2020 by $128 million.

The city granted permits for more than 700 new single-family homes and more than 100 new commercial buildings.

Brian Moxey, president of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage, said the mix of permits for new homes and commercial buildings is a healthy one for the city’s future.

“That’s really exciting for me to see that we’re not getting too heavy on one end of just homes without the infrastructure needed to support it,” Moxey said. “Clearly, the roads and all that are going to have to follow with it because we’re going to continue, I think, to see an influx in Myrtle Beach for years to come.”

Ben Guyton, a broker in charge at Grande Dunes Properties, said 2021 finished off with a strong fourth quarter.

“[2020] was a great market,” Guyton said. “It really was. Then when ‘21 hit, it went up another gear.”

The majority of the growth in the Grande Dunes is in the Del Webb community. Guyton estimated between 10 and 14 new homes are being finished each month, adding that homes in Del Webb are a little more than half of the transactions in the Grande Dunes.

Guyton estimated that there is still more room for development with at least another “couple hundred” homes in Del Webb, which would be in addition to the other homes that are planned in the Grande Dunes.

“Next year, I think we’ll have probably somewhere between six and eight new neighborhoods available to offer, in addition to the six or seven that we are currently selling,” Guyton said.

Matthew Jackson has seen the growth of Del Webb firsthand, having moved to the neighborhood in 2019 after retiring from Pennsylvania. He and his wife bought a home in Phase 1 of Del Webb.

“[There’s] a lot more congestion, of course, road congestion, and traffic at the intersections, but it’s still a wonderful community,” Jackson said.

Jackson sold his home in Del Webb recently and is in the process of building a new home deeper in the same neighborhood.

“We’re not moving out of Del Webb,” Jackson. “We’re moving to a lot that’s closer to the Intracoastal that’s on a pond.”