HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — A developer who planned to build nearly 4,000 homes along Highway 707 in Horry County pulled the rezoning request at the last minute.

Dozens of residents showed up to Thursday’s planning commission meeting to share their disproval of the plan, but at the last minute, the engineering firm, Thomas & Hutton, withdrew the rezoning request. It’s unclear why the request was withdrawn.

While the rezoning request was withdrawn, the developer can bring it forward in the future.

After being informed that the rezoning request was withdrawn, residents who showed up for that reason were dismissed from the meeting.

“I want to thank all of you for coming out tonight and I’m very sorry that this applicant chose to withdraw this at the last hour that you made this trip over here,” District 4 Planning Commissioner Pamela Dawson said.

News13 has been following the rezoning request for the past month. The plan was to build nearly 4,000 homes near St. James High School. Residents have filled rooms at meetings in the last month to express their disproval of the plan.

Many of the residents Thursday night also spoke against other rezoning requests in the Burgess area. The main concerns were flooding and traffic.

“I’d like to see some retention ponds to some of these developments to kind of help alleviate the flooding problem we have throughout the Burgess community,” one resident said.

Another resident complained he can’t get out of his driveway in the morning due to the traffic.