HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — A follow-up meeting was held Thursday night to address concerns along Highway 90, such as flooding, traffic, and road expansion.

Horry County councilmembers took feedback from the last meeting and addressed it Thursday.

Councilman Johnny Vaught said from what they heard last meeting, Highway 90 needs to be addressed in stages. He said the main trouble spots are Tilly Swamp, Sterritt Swamp, and Jones Big Swamp. He said they’re trying to find the most important issues to tackle first.

“When they flood out, nothing else works,” Vaught said.

Councilmembers said they’ve asked Grand Strand Area Transportation Study (GSATS) to survey Highway 90 to see how to address the issues. They said anything along Highway 90 could take years or even a decade.

“There are opportunities to shorten that time frame just a little bit,” a GSATS representative said. “If we can get some guidance from the corridor study, we can potentially start some design early on it in sections, because design and permitting take several years.”

“The worst trouble spots we can take on as we can do them and we can get those ready and the rest of them will be a peach,” Vaught said.

In the meantime, Vaught said council could start with smaller projects, such as putting in turning lanes, stop lights, and modifying intersections — if they can find the funding.

“We need to find the money and the money is very hard to find. We found the $30 million and it may be more,” Councilman Bill Howard said, referring to the leftover money from the Ride 3 project.

Vaught said Highway 90 is a $250 million project. Council said it is actively looking for grants or ways to fund the projects.