HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Horry County Council passed a resolution Tuesday night to limit development along Highway 90 and also blocked a re-zoning request to bring hundreds of homes to Longs.

Councilman Johnny Vaught said he and other members of council brought the resolution forward to stop the growth on a section of Highway 90 where he said repeatedly experiences public safety issues.

“If you already got the zoning to build something on [Highway] 90, we can’t take that right away from you, but we will not vote in favor of re-zonings on Highway 90 within a mile and a half, I think it is,” Vaught said.

The area in question is on the Highway 90 corridor between Highway 501 Business in Conway and Highway 22.

“We’re not taking anybody’s right away,” Councilman Danny Hardee said. “I mean it’s illegal for me to take your right away with what you want to do with your land, but we cannot re-zone it to where it would put more homes in there.”

Chairman Johnny Gardner said it doesn’t mean that no re-zoning requests will pass in that area. He described the resolution as “the will of council.”

“It may be that it’s a big development but it has all the right smart stuff attached to it,” Gardner said. “No wetlands, no flooding, proper infrastructure. All the things we’re looking at, that’s the stuff that we want. We don’t want these areas that flood so that’s what we’re trying to take care of.”

Gardner said council is looking at extending the resolution to add the northern section of Highway 90.

“Tonight was telling everybody that the project needs to be right, it needs to be good, or it’s not going to get approved,” Gardner said.

The second reading for a proposed re-zoning request that would bring 230 homes off of Highway 9 in Longs failed. Council also deferred an ordinance to amend the county code to provide better treatment and protection measures for shelter animals. Gardner said some issues were brought forth about it so they sent it back to Public Safety.