HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The Horry County Infrastructure and Regulation Committee has proposed a three-step plan to change the way the county handles business licenses.

During an Horry County Council meeting on Tuesday, Planning and Zoning department head David Schwerd outlined a new process for obtaining a business license. Schwerd said that they wanted to break it down into a ‘three-step process.’

He said that the department has reallocated staff resources to:

  • Expedite Home Occupation applications
  • Input the application into permitting system immediately
  • Allow an application to be emailed and faxed to avoid delays

The department will also be working on brochures, website and social media campaigns to better explain process to the public.

“To make it easier for people to understand what the process is so that they know where to go to make changes [to their information]. It helps guide them through the process,” Schwerd said during the meeting.

The last part of the overhaul would include more work with IT and other departments to create an online application, submittal and review process.

“So that [people] could submit their entire business license, their zoning, everything and [the website] could track it as it moves through the process. So that [people] could just go to one website and be able to track that and know where they stand,” Schwerd said.

Schwerd says that this new process will cut ‘many, many days’ off of the usual time it takes to process all the information needed.