Horry County saw a nearly 50% increase in residential permits during FY 2021

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) – A new report illustrates the major spike in construction that’s happening across Horry County.

The Planning and Zoning Department released its annual report Friday, which says there were over 4,900 residential permits in fiscal year 2021, marking a 48% increase over the year prior.

“Part of COVID has given people the flexibility to work from home, so it’s not just retirees moving to Horry County,” planning director David Jordan said. “It can be anybody.”

Jordan said the county is on pace to beat its record for residential permits this fiscal year.

“Our all time high was in 2006… we were at 5,700, almost 5,800,” Jordan said. “So we still haven’t gotten to that number yet. We are on pace after the first quarter this year to eclipse that.”

Commercial growth was much more stagnant in Horry County over the last year, but Jordan believes it will pick up.

“Commercial has lagged and restaurants have had to deal with staffing shortages and shutdowns so you’re not seeing as much of that growth right now,” he said.

As the county grows, impact fees began getting collected Monday. Money generated will go toward supporting increased demand on public infrastructure and facilities caused by development.

“Impact fees effect all new square footage for commercial retail, that type, institutional projects, it’s based on your square feet that you’re adding,” Jordan explained. “All single family houses. All multi-family houses. Hotel rooms.”

The county encourages people to apply for the Citizens Planning Academy, where you can learn more about development. Click here to apply.

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