MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — The City of Myrtle Beach has proposed the first-ever bike and pedestrian lanes for key downtown Myrtle Beach streets.

A subcommittee of its members met with Downtown Development Office staff and LS3P, a firm that offers planning services. The subcommittee reached an understanding of the plan.

The committee proposed several recommendations within the ART District:

  • The Rail Trail: The Rail Trail runs through, or adjacent to, workforce housing neighborhoods on both sides of the Waterway, with residents who currently commute by bike or by foot. The Committee recommends that the rail trail be linked linearly to planned bike lanes on 9th Avenue N as a complete corridor.
  • Bike Lanes: The committee proposed the first-ever City of Myrtle Beach protected bike lanes. The 2-way lanes as proposed are only on one side of each street, resulting in half of the users riding against the flow of traffic. The decision to put the bike lanes on one side of the road was made in order to accommodate on-street parking, in limited space, on both sides of the road. This recommendation is for every street identified as having bike lanes on the Downtown Advanced Plan Dedicated Bike Path Configuration Exhibit, including Oak St, Mr. Joe White Ave, 9th Ave N, 8th Ave N, Broadway St, and several new streets.
  • Intersections: The Advance Plan includes two types of intersections: those with traffic signals, and those with all-way stop signs. A bike box is a designated area at an intersection at the head of a traffic lane. The Bike Box provides bicyclists with a safe and visible way to get ahead of queuing traffic when drivers and riders are awaiting their turn to proceed. Bike boxes place cyclists in the most visible position in the intersection and allow cyclists to proceed more quickly, reducing delays in automobile movement.
Courtesy: City of Myrtle Beach
  • Marquee Bike and Pedestrian Crossing: The committee recommends a marquee intersection, utilizing public art and innovative technologies to produce a creative and iconic bicycle and pedestrian crossing. The marquee crossing could be the centerpiece for the entire district. The suggested location is either Highway 501 & Broadway Street or Highway 501 & Kings “Boulevard.”
  • Bicycle Hub: The committee recommends a Bicycle Hub located near the East Coast Greenway Trailhead at the Myrtle Beach Train Depot. The Hub will have bike lockers, space for a future bike share station, and kiosk maps of bike lanes and paths throughout the city. The Bicycle Hub will be a place for commuters from other parts of the city, as well as from points west, to cycle to and from, park, dine, work and play in the ART district.

The committee also recommended that the following streets for accommodating bicycle and pedestrian travel to and from the ART District: Highway 501, Kings Highway, 9th Avenue North, Mr. Joe White Avenue, Broadway Street, Oak Street, 3rd Street, and Ocean Boulevard as well as key intersections and back streets.

Courtesy: City of Myrtle Beach