New task force created to address issues, projects along Highway 90 in Horry County

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — A new task force has been created in Horry County to address the issues and projects along Highway 90, Highway 905 and the Conway corridor.

It’s no secret that Highway 90 deals with traffic, flooding and intense growth, so Horry County Councilman Al Allen decided it was time to bring an idea to council.

“The Highway 90 corridor to Highway 905 and the Conway perimeter road areas have not really been on the table and with all the growth that we got, that has to be addressed,” Allen said.

Allen appointed several council members, state representatives and community influencers to the task force. Horry County Councilman Mark Causey will serve as the task force’s Chairman with State Representative Kevin Hardee as the Vice-Chairman. Also on the task force is Councilman Orton Bellamy, Councilman Danny Hardee, April O’Leary with Horry County Rising, Danny Knight from Solid Waste Authority, Senator Greg Hembree, and State Representative Tim McGinnis.

“I think this is a really good solution to a lot of the concerns, particularly public safety, and I know for us, it’s going to be really important to make sure that our flooded highways are addressed,” April O’Leary, President of Horry County Rising said.

The task force will first gather all of the issues or projects that need to happen along Highway 90, place them in order of importance, and then take a phased approach to move forward.

“Before you can start assigning funding or throwing taxpayers’ money at problems or issues, you got to know what the needs are and that’s what this task force will be doing,” Allen said.

Allen added, “anything that they need to look at, see or explore will be on the table for the future needs of those areas to meet the growth for the infrastructure and the public safety for the citizens of Horry County”

It will then be up to council and the state to find the funding for the projects.

“We may not have the funding today for it but there needs to be some studies done,” Allen said. “There needs to be some plans made for the future because if we don’t do it now, we’re going to fall further behind the eight ball because those areas are in dire need of infrastructure updates, public safety updates, flooding updates.”

Allen said he’s asked the task force to meet as soon as possible.

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