June 2, 2022Which SC county was founded in the late 1880s and named after the daughter of William Wallace Harllee, who was the president of the Wilmington and Manchester Railroad?Florence CountySC Picture Project
June 9, 2022The John Blue Cotton Festival is an annual event held in which of our counties?Scotland CountyNCpedia
June 16, 2022The best-known geographic feature of Robeson County is the Lumber River. How many miles does it span?115 milesState of North Carolina
June 23, 2022What was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Marlboro County?108 degrees, Aug. 10, 2007SCDNR
June 28, 2022Which county has seen the highest amount of snowfall (18 inches) in a 24-hour period?Darlington CountySCDNR
July 7, 2022From 1785 to 1801, this South Carolina county was known as Kingston County. Horry CountySC Archives
July 14, 2022In 2004, what tropical system spawned the largest tornado outbreak (47) in South Carolina history?Tropical Storm FrancesSCDNR
July 28, 2022What is the hottest temperature on record in Marion?108 degrees, June 27, 1954SCDNR
August 4, 2022From 1990-2017, there was an average of how many tornadoes per year in South Carolina?26SCDNR
August 11, 2022What state has the most Carolina Bays?North Carolina, which has 80% of themSCDNR
August 18, 2022From 1851-2021, how many tropical systems have made landfall in South Carolina? 44SCDNR
September 1, 2022What town in our viewing area is known for having the annual Egg Scramble Jamboree every April?LamarCity of Lamar
September 8, 2022What is the only SC county in our viewing area to have an EF4 tornado?Marlboro CountySCDNR
September 15, 2022Since 1852, how many tropical systems have moved through Horry County, including direct landfalls?23NOAA
September 22, 2022Since 1983, what county in our viewing area houses the Sweet Potato Festival every year?Darlington CountyStudy SC
September 29, 2022Prior to 2022, what was the last tropical system to make direct landfall in Horry County? Tropical Storm Ana (2015)NOAA
October 6, 2022What city in our viewing area is known as the Pearl of the Pee Dee?DarlingtonSCIWAY
October 20, 2022Which county in our viewing area has the youngest median age at 36.9 years?Robeson CountyCensus Reporter
October 27, 2022In 2007, Myrtle Beach broke the Guinness World Record for the tallest what?SandcastleThe Fact File
November 3, 2022The swallow-tailed kite is an endangered bird that can be found along what Lowcountry river?Black RiverThe Fact File
November 10, 2022The town in Horry County is known as “Little Golden Town?”AynorSCIWAY
November 17, 2022North and South Carolina share the same state beverage. What is it?MilkSC State House
December 1, 2022What SC native dog breed was first bred in the early 1900s to be a superior hunt dog and retriever?Boykin SpanielSCIWAY

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