COVID-19 testing delivered to your door, mobile labs offer new rapid antigen test kits


MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WBTW) — Mobile labs in our area bring COVID-19 testing anywhere, including delivering and administering a test right outside your home.

New rapid antigen testing kits make it easier for people to find out whether or not you have COVID-19.

“We waited a long time before we had rapid test available bc I wanted the USA kit that was 98-99% accuracy,” Heather Pitts, Owner of Coastal Labs, said.

The FDA recently approved a list of rapid antigen testing kits that can be done from your home, without sending your swab results off to a lab.

Several mobile labs across Horry and Georgetown Counties, like Coastal Labs, will offer to come to you.

Patients across the region are going to one of four coastal lab locations to get the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) test. They’re also making appointments to have a test delivered to their home.

For people having to travel or quickly find a COVID-19 test, medical data shows high accuracy using rapid antigen testing.

“My child goes to Carolina USC, and we did a lot of them exposed, we did the rapid and PCR, and they went hand in hand both of them read positive, so I was very excited we had that to offer,” Pitts said.

How it works is you get a nose swab, then use the rapid device that analyzes the test, and within 10-15 minutes on average, results show up.

The Care Start COVID-19 Antigen, which is the rapid antigen test Coastal Labs is offering, shows one line if a patient’s test reads negative and two lines if a positive test shows up.

Heather Pitts with Coastal Labs says they’re testing 150 people daily on average across their four locations. So far, she’s impressed with the accuracy and speed of the rapid antigen testing kits.

While the FDA is approving more at-home COVID-19 testing, Pitts says that a critical factor in stopping the spread is reporting your results.

“All the people that are taking home kits, if you do not follow up, we will have to follow up. These numbers need to be reported accurately to DHEC,” Pitts said. “If they’re picking them up, taking them home, and no one is following up with them, then we are not getting the true numbers of our county.”

Testing kits can be delivered, or you can drive through a local lab.

Coastal Labs said people could make an appointment, and they will bring the kit to your home. However, they recommend letting them administer the test right there to ensure accuracy.

Doctors say if you are exposed to COVID-19, you need to wait at least three days before getting tested.

The CDC advises people with symptoms who test negative with the rapid antigen test to get a PCR test to confirm your results.

To make an appointment or for more information, click here or call (843) 957-6740.

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