DHEC: 43 new, confirmed COVID-19 deaths


The coronavirus spike protein that mediates coronavirus entry into host cell – stock photo (Getty Images)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WBTW) — There have been an additional 43 confirmed and two probable COVID-19-caused deaths in South Carolina, the state’s health agency announced on Wednesday.

The new deaths are in addition to 8,477 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3,252 probable cases. Of 38,055 new tests reported to the state, 28.8% were positive for the virus.

Those newly reported deaths include the confirmed COVID-19 death of a person in Dillon County and a person in Horry County.

The update brings the state’s totals to 877,965 confirmed cases, 236,816 probable cases, 12,832 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, and 2,016 probable ones.

New case counts for local counties are as follows:

Darlington – 80 confirmed, 95 probable

Dillon – 48 confirmed, 32 probable

Florence – 180 confirmed, 87 probable

Horry – 364 confirmed, 291 probable

Marion – 59 confirmed, 25 probable

Marlboro – 49 confirmed, 21 probable

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