Doctor’s Care urgent care offers walk-in COVID-19 antibody testing


Doctors Care now offers walk-in COVID-19 antibody testing at all of its urgent care centers in South Carolina.

Any interested person who is healthy and has not had COVID-19 symptoms in the preceding 14 days can obtain the test without an appointment. Results are available within 24-72 hours, and the test will be filed with the patient’s insurance.

It is important to note that the COVID-19 antibody test is used to detect the presence of antibodies, not to diagnose active infection. A positive result indicates that the individual may have had previous exposure to COVID-19 and their body has developed antibodies.

Some people infected with COVID-19 will never exhibit symptoms but will have detectable
antibodies. “We know there are a lot people in the community who believe that they were possibly exposed to the virus in the early stage of the pandemic when no testing was available,” said Dr. Curtis Franke, president of Doctors Care urgent care.

“This test will allow those patients some peace of mind, although it does not guarantee immunity for those with a positive result. We still have much to learn about this infection and the antibody response, and results should be treated accordingly.”

While there is a belief that the presence of antibodies may provide immunity to future infections, there is not yet enough data to support this conclusively.

Jill Armbruster, spokesperson for Doctors Care urgent care, cautions patients not to come to centers for the antibody test if they are experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus, or have experienced symptoms within the preceding 14 days. “For the safety of our staff and other patients, we ask that only symptom-free patients seek testing at our centers. And to
be extra cautious, we also request that you wear a facemask or bandana to eliminate any risk of exposure to those individuals also in center.”

Doctors Care is also offering on-site antibody testing as part of a suite of services aimed at businesses eager to get their employees safely back into the workplace. Workplace Entry Solutions coordinated by Doctors Care Employer Health Services and Corporate Health & Wellness teams include temperature checks, symptom questionnaires, antibody testing,
and viral diagnostic test referrals via virtual visits.

For anyone who believes they may have an active COVID-19 infection, they should initiate a virtual urgent care visit with a Doctors Care provider at

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