Honda further suspends production at plants in U.S. and Canada


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(WBTW) — Honda is further suspending production at its U.S. and Canada plants due to COVID-19.

Production will now be suspended through May 1, according to a news release. The suspension began originally on March 23.

“As the unprecedented economic impact of the fast-changing COVID-19 pandemic worsens, Honda continues to evaluate conditions and make temporary adjustments to its production operations in the U.S. and Canada,” Honda’s statement said.

Honda of South Carolina is also furthering their production suspension through May 1.

“In addition to the impact of COVID-19 on the marketplace, stay-at-home orders in many cities and states prevent consumers in a number of markets from purchasing new vehicles,” Honda said. “As a result, Honda must continue to suspend production in order to align product supply with a lack of market demand.”


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