Horry County school bus drivers begin meal delivery for students


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – In light of the school closures due to the coronavirus, Horry County Schools started a new student meal delivery option Monday.

Horry County school bus drivers are delivering meals to students across the county at nearly 60 different locations this week.

They’re grab and go meals, with things like fruit and salad.

“We’re trying to help our families and our children as much as possible,” said James Lewis, bus supervisor for the Myrtle Beach area of Horry County Schools.

Horry County school bus drivers are making stops everyday this week, making sure students are still getting nutritious meals, despite not being able to go to school because of COVID-19.

“We know that food is a big deal with the schools, as far as breakfast and the lunch program, so we’re trying our best to accommodate the kids,” said Lewis.

For the bus drivers and cafeteria crew, it’s more than just delivering food, they’re missing the kids they get to see everyday.

“They’re all missing them. The cafeteria crew, that’s why the cafeteria crew, the staff, are riding with us, because they want to be around their children,” said Lewis. “I’ve had teachers, I’ve had the, you know, administrators, you know, they want to come along too.”

The school system has a strategy — put bus drivers along some of their usual routes, where they know the roads and where children would recognize them.

“We’re trying to go to different places where there’s a lot of children there, or a heavily trafficked area where we could maybe pull in some people,” said Lewis.

To continue preventing the spread of coronavirus, they’re wiping down everything, and wearing gloves.

“We want to set a good example, so when people come up, they see that we’re cleaning the tables, wearing gloves, keeping our space,” Lewis pointed out.

These school bus meal deliveries will continue each week, Monday through Friday.

To view a list of delivery locations and times, click here.


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